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Development Services

SCP and its clients benefit from our exceptional development team. Whether the project is $5,000,000 or $50,000,000, our experienced professionals are adept at “building the team” with contractors, engineers, and architects to help our clients craft and complete their vision for facilities that will best serve their individual needs.

Services Offered


Build-To-Suit/ Preferred Development
SCP offers a preferred-developer solution with an organized and programmatic approach to roll-out programs, delivering turnkey locations utilizing our capital. Our team can tailor a plan specifically for your operational growth goals, while permitting you to preserve your capital for core business objectives.

If your existing asset would benefit from redevelopment or remodeling, we can create and execute an orderly plan to maximize that asset’s aesthetics, value, and functionality.

Development Management
SCP’s development management service allows clients to leverage our experience, relationships, and diligence to bring their projects across the finish line. If you or your business do not have the time or expertise to realize your vision, we can help.

“Great teams begin with a solid foundation of quality people who are committed and full of integrity” -Bart Starr

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